Cielito Gregory, RN-December 2018 Vero Hero

Cielito Gregory is this month's Vero Hero. Currently on assignment in Guam, Cielito's love of travel and nursing has made her a perfect fit for this month's Vero Hero. We dug a little more into what makes Cielito a great travel nurse and this is what she had to say:

Why did I become a nurse? When my sister was in the hospital having her babies, I was very curious about the NICU. I would try to catch a glimpse as I would walk by to my sisters’ room. I thought how awesome it would be to work in there helping the tiny babies. While helping her though the birthing process her Physician asked me if I was in the medical field to which I responded “no.” He said “Well, you should be.” Years later I finished nursing school and have been helping babies in the NICU ever since. 

Why did I choose travel nursing? My love for traveling has brought me to travel nursing. Once I got a solid foundation of experience and some things in my life had changed that would allow for such freedom, I decided to take the leap. Travel nursing allows me to have time off in between contracts to take trips and spend time with family. I have also met some great people and made lifelong friends while traveling that I would not have met otherwise. 

Where have you traveled so far? I am new in my career as a travel nurse. My first contract I took close to home to get some experience in travel nursing. I started in Oklahoma City, finished three contracts there and went on to Guam. I am currently wrapping up my third contact here on the island. 

Why do I like traveling with Vero? I found out about the opportunities in Guam from my recruiter Angie. I started with her with another company and was happy to work with her again. When NICU needs were available she knew I would we interested, and I absolutely was. I like working for Vero because they have opened the opportunity of Guam for me. I feel lucky that I have been able to help neonates here while enjoying this beautiful island. Taking this job has also made it easy to travel to Asia due to its proximity. It has been a great experience. 

Advice for travel nurses?Haha I feel like I need the advice. Being flexible and open to change has helped me. 

Hobbies and interests? I love to travel and experience other ways of life/cultures. I like to go to the beach, scuba dive, snorkel, paddle board and hike. I collect crystals and love growing cacti and succulents. 

Congratulations Cielito! Thank you for being part of the Vero family.

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