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Best Beach Destinations for Travel Nurses

Travel Nurses have numerous choices when it comes to selecting Summer assignments. However, when it comes to fun and sun, there are some destinations that are perfect for gaining that Summer glow!
Our friends over at TripAdvisor.com have checked the facts and announced the Top Ten beaches in the United States. The good news is we have travel assignments waiting to be filled in many of these destinations. Without further ado, here are the 2018 Top Ten beaches in the United States!
  1. Clearwater Beach - Clearwater, Florida
  2. Siesta Beach – Siesta Key, Florida
  3. Ka’anapali Beach – Lahaina, Hawaii
  4. South Beach – Miami, Florida
  5. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve – Honolulu, Hawaii
  6. Fort Lauderdale Beach – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  7. Saint Pete Beach – St. Pete Beach, Florida
  8. Hollywood Beach – Hollywood, Florida
  9. Santa Monica Beach – Santa Monica, California
  10. Lanikai Beach – Kailua, Hawaii
 To view their complete report, visit www.tripadvisor.com/travelerschoice
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Travel Nurse Tips: 6 Steps to Saving Cash for Travel Nurse Adventures


Travel Nurse Tips: 6 Steps to Saving Cash for Travel Nurse Adventures

One of the greatest aspects of being a travel nurse is the ability to immerse yourself in a new city and enjoy the exciting adventures while your there. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave on your next travel nurse assignment with a bucket list of adventures and extra cash to enjoy everything you’re dreaming of doing?  Here are 6 simple ways to save money and earn extra cash before you leave on your next travel nurse assignment.

Step 1: Learn to Live Within your Means

Evaluate wants vs needs:  ask yourself do I really need this or just want it, eliminate items you just want and save for the bigger picture when you will be enjoying your travels with some extra cash. You can also set up a travel account at your local bank or credit union to set money aside from each paycheck.  Put loose change in a large jar marked dream destinations and fill it with any change you find or save. As the jar fills up, it will serve a reminder and inspiration to keep on saving.

Step 2: Sell what you Don’t Need

 We all have great things around our house that we don’t use or need.  For example, you can sell books that you do not use anymore at Half Price Books. You can sell your old clothes at places such as Plato’s Closet. Other great items that you can get fast cash from our shoes, furniture, and jewelry. You can get creative and sell old video games and electronics or even games and toys from your childhood.

Step 3: Learn to be a Bargain Hunter

Coupon, coupons, coupons! Be sure to check websites before ordering or purchasing anything to see if there are coupons and discounts available. Companies will often offer a discount if you submit your email and it never hurts to ask if there are any additional discounts on items or if they will be marked down soon.  Hit seasonal sales for items you know you will need in the future.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the best times to shop but don’t limit yourself to only these. As a bargain hunter, you can always be on the lookout for items at thrift stores or garage sales.  On holidays, don’t forget you can re-gift items you don’t need, make a gift or offer to help with a task as a gift.

Step 4: Pick-up an Extra Job

Picking up an extra job may be tiresome, but the extra money earned can make the difference between traveling to an exciting weekend excursion and staying home on the couch while you’re at your travel nursing destination. There are many part-time jobs that offer enough flexibility to fit almost any schedule.  Working in a retail store or service industry is an excellent way to earn money.  Look for stores or restaurants that offer employee discounts on products or food that you like.  It’s also easy to pick up hours as a dog walker, nanny, house sitter, elderly care or Uber driver. Any job that offers tips is an added bonus.

Step 6: Find Cheap Entertainment

There are so many things to do that are free or cheap and entertaining.  Just because you don’t want to spend money doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.  In fact, once you start looking for free and cheap entertainment, you’ll be amazed at how much there is to do.  Parks, hiking, biking, and sightseeing are all free.  Make it a goal to see every park in your city or visit your local museums which usually offer discount tickets.  It’s also nice in the summer to take in free events such as outdoor concerts or plays in the park.  You can also throw a potluck dinner with friends, game night or movie night.

Once you start your job as a travel nurse at your dream destination, you’ll be glad to have the extra cash on hand to enjoy weekend excursions, local restaurants, and activities.  You’ll be able to immerse yourself in your new culture and relax in knowing you have money in the bank.


If you’re looking for a travel nursing agency that is founded by veteran nurses, Vero RN is the company for you.  Vero RN can place you in hospitals and clinics that can help you realize your true potential. Search for jobs and register for new one's today. Dial 866-617-7682 to start your journey.

Travel Nurse Tips for Exploring a New City

Travel Nurse Tips for Exploring a New City Part 2

A Travel Nurse Guide to Saipan

A Travel Nurse Guide to Guam

Boost Brain Power in 6 Simple Steps

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A Travel Nurses Guide to Saipan


A Travel Nurses Guide to Saipan

Have you currently accepted a contract to Saipan or are thinking about making it your next travel nurse dream destination? Get ready to pack your bags and visit this unique destination. We got you covered for cool destinations to travel to in Saipan in this Travel Nurses Guide.

1)     Bird Island

Located on the northeastern coast side of Saipan, this island is known as a sanctuary for birds. We put this as the first destination in our travel nurses guide due to it being the first location that many travelers visit when they first land on the island. Many individuals said that the best way to appreciate the island is to look from a far. There is an easy look out just a few walks away from the main road access to where you can have a view of the whole island with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can find a trail hidden just before the viewpoint that leads down to the beach.

 2)     Grotto Dive Site

The Grotto Dive Site is one of the most famous spots to visit in the Northern Mariana Islands. This underwater cave was awarded as the second-best diving spot in the world by Dive Magazine. Accessing this famous cavern will require a bit of physical endurance. You’ll have to go down and up 112 flights of stairs to reach the tip of the diving spot. The view and water can be described as hypnotic. The deep blue water is accented with a “spotlight” coming from the end of the cave, illuminating the coral and limestone formations below the service.

Cliff diving, snorkeling, free diving and scuba diving are some of the activities you can do at the Grotto. It is a relatively easy snorkeling spot, but it heavily advisable to swim here with a guide (for non-expert divers) which you can avail from local travel agents (Check out Marianas Trekking or Marianas Sports Club). A big warning sign at the entry point makes this statement very obvious.

3)     Forbidden Island

The Forbidden Island is known as a favorite hiking and adventure spot for visitors and locals. It’s a must visit location. Although the island isn’t really forbidden, this trip is not for everyone. To reach the island, you will have to trek a 30 minute to 40-minute steep path down the main road. There are overlooking stops in between the hike. This gives you the chance to appreciate the view of the island along with the crashing waves surrounding it.

Once you reach the island, there are several clear tide pools where you can swim, snorkel, or even have a picnic. Aside from these tide pools, you can also visit a cave called the Hidden Forbidden where you can find a small cold tide pool. Because the waves are unpredictable, swimming here will require an extra amount of caution and you should consult a travel guide for the best day to swim here.

4)     Garapan Street Market

The Garapan Street market is a must-attend event. Every Thursday from 5 pm till 9 pm, the Garapan Fishing Base gets transformed into a street market that offers local and international dishes and showcases vendors selling locally handcrafted products. There are a lot of Filipino dishes sold here, and the Longanisa (Chorizo) skewers are a must eat.

5)     Mt. Topachau

One of the final destinations that we recommend checking out in Travel Nurses Guide is Mt. Topachau. Climbing to the top allows you to really get a full sense of how big the island is. A fun way to reach the top is riding ATV (All Terrain Vehicle – 85 USD from Let’s Go). But if you aren’t into a rocky drive around a muddy and bushy terrain, you can easily reach the top by renting a car. When you reach the base of the summit, there are stairs for you to climb for an easy hike to the peak of the mountain.


If you’re looking for a travel nursing agency that is founded by veteran nurses, Vero RN is the company for you.  Vero RN can place you in hospitals and clinics that can help you realize your true potential. Search for jobs and register for new one's today. Dial 866-617-7682 to start your journey.

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A Travel Nurses Guide to Guam


A Travel Nurses Guide to Guam

Are you ready to venture out on a travel nurse dream destination to Guam? Get ready to pack your bags and visit this breathtaking assignment. We’ve got you covered for everything you need to know in our travel nurses guide to Guam!

Guam is a tropical island in the Western Pacific that is known for its beautiful beaches, architecture, history, and hiking. This is a destination like no other; come to Guam to experience island life and explore the clear water beaches.

Adventures to take in Guam: Guam is one of the greatest travel nurse adventures available! Here are 8 adventures you can only do in Guam.

  1. Boonie Stomping:

Locals refer to hiking as “boonie stomping” and there is an abundance of hiking to do in Guam. Guam Boonie Stompers lead Saturday morning hikes for $2 that go from anywhere to hidden waterfalls to swim holes to arid hills or thick jungles. Boonie stomping ranges from easy to difficult and promises excitement and natural beauty.

  1. Climb the Tallest Mountain on Earth:

Mount Lamlam (meaning lightning in Chamorro) is the highest peak in Guam. Mount Lamlam is only 1,332 feet high but has the greatest change in elevation on earth over the shortest distance. Hikers are able to reach the mountain trailhead and summit in about 30 minutes.

  1. Touch Shipwrecks from two different World Wars:

The German WWI ship The SMS Cormoran sits 110 feet below the water of Apra Harbor while a WWII Japanese cargo ship, the Tolai Maru leans close. This site marks the only place in the world where wrecks from two different countries and two different wars are nearly touching.

  1. Ride a Carabao:

Referred to as the water buffalo of Guam, these docile mammoths are symbolic of Guam. They weigh up to 2,000 pounds and are used for farming. Carabao can be ridden in Chamorro Village and Fort Senora Nuestra de la Soledad.

  1. Stand Atop the World’s Largest Latte:

The Latte of Freedom monument overlooks both Asan and Agana bays. This is a great place to look and learn about culture in the local area and across the island.

  1. Visit Breathtaking Beaches:

There are so many beautiful places for a travel nurse to venture to in Guam, but don’t forget to take some time to relax along the way on the many serene beaches. Tanguisson Beach is near Two Lover’s Point attraction and Sharks Cove Beach is an incredible place to snorkel. Ipan Beach is a southern beach that where kite surfers can often be seen and Asan Beach is lined with coconut trees, has a huge triangular park and contains a number of World War II memorials, relics, and informational signs.

Remember Guam is very hot and humid and produces warm tropical showers so be sure to dress in layers and pack a lightweight waterproof jacket and waterproof shoes. Don’t forget essentials such as sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses and sun hat, swimwear and toiletries. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to take your next travel nurse assignment in the beautiful and adventure-filled Guam!


If you’re looking for a travel nursing agency that is founded by veteran nurses, Vero RN is the company for you.  Vero RN can place you in hospitals and clinics that can help you realize your true potential. Search for jobs and register for new one's today. Dial 866-617-7682 to start your journey.

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Travel Nurses Six Steps to a Sizzling Valentine’s Day Dinner


Travel Nurses Six Steps to a Sizzling Valentine’s Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve put together a delicious and unique way to enjoy your day. This is an easy and memorable way to spend your time with someone that you care about. Most people think of grill-outs as the classic “hotdogs, burgers and beer get-together,” but you can actually cook an entire six-course meal simply on an indoor grill such as a Cuisinart or grill pan or any outdoor grill. Follow these six steps to create and host the most upscale and classiest barbeque in the neighborhood! Invite that special someone in your life or new travel nurse friends and co-workers to enjoy this sizzling dinner.

  1. Appetizer:

Grilled shrimp

The first step to a six-course meal is to provide your guests with an appetizer that is yummy but not super filling. Grilled shrimp is a nice light starter food for any meal. Shrimp is a popular appetizer at many restaurants and it is perfect for this occasion.

Don’t forget to add garlic and lemon for extra flavor!

  1. Soup:

Grilled Onion Soup

After everyone showers you with countless compliments on your amazingly grilled shrimp, serve your guests a savory soup. Grilled onion soup is a great option. It is easy on the stomach and tastes delicious. It gives your guests a different flavor for their palate as well. Soup is a fabulous treat for busy travel nurses.

  1. Fish:

Grilled Scallops

Most people usually eat a five-course meal, so make sure your third course is balanced with the rest of your meal. Grilled scallops are a great option because they do not fill you up completely while still tasting amazing. Grilled scallops also work well as either an appetizer or as the main fish-course of the meal. They are healthy and full of protein. Putting them on skewers is a fun option.

  1. Entrée:


This is the main portion of the meal and the main reason why many people enjoy a grill-out. Steak is seen as a high-class meat and it is super easy to prepare on a grill.

To make this meal even more special you can make Grilled Asparagus as an added bonus. Baked potatoes or potato wedges are awesome sides as well.

  1. Salad:

Grilled Caesar Salad

Everyone has eaten salad. It is a common part of every meal. This portion of your meal is where you can show your guests one of the most unique grilling ideas. Who knew that you could grill salad? It is the perfect food to include because most people have never heard of or tasted a grilled salad. People will ask you for the recipe for months.

  1. Dessert: 

Grilled Peaches with Ice Cream

Now it’s time to end your barbeque with a sweet after-taste. The best dessert for a six-course meal is one that is light but sweet. One great thing about grilled peaches is that they taste amazing, but they are still fruit so they are a healthy dessert option. They are the perfect blend!

Following these six steps is easy and fun. For any travel nurse, cooking a meal like this is the best way to impress that special someone on Valentine’s Day and show them that you care.


Did you enjoy a travel nurses guide for a sizzling valentines day and are you ready to become a travel nurse? Give us a call at (866) 617-7692 to speak with one of our recruiters about travel opportunities.

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Travel Nurse Tips: Be This Not That


Travel Nurse Tips: Be This Not That

Have you recently been in a situation that you have relied on past events in your life to make a decision? Sometimes those decisions are not the right ones for us, but we have found ourselves in a pattern that needs to be broken. The next time you are in an uneasy or unsure situation, consider that your inner voice telling you it’s time to correct past errors and make better choices in your life. These 5 travel nurse tips are an excellent way to be this, not that.

  1. Be Open Minded not Close Minded:

As a travel nurse, you are most likely already open-minded to adventure and trying new things, but remember to be open-minded to stretching yourself in other areas of your life as well.

  1. Be a Leader, not a Follower:

Make this the year that you step into the limelight and lead. Leadership opportunities can be found in many different areas of your life. On assignment as a travel nurse, you can volunteer to lead a team project or meeting. You can also lead as a volunteer in your community or outside activities.

  1. Be an Optimist, not a Pessimist:

Learn to focus on what is working instead of what isn’t. Studies show that being optimistic adds years to our lives, reduces our stress and allows our bodies to heal faster. Try to not be so hard on yourself or others, everyone makes mistakes. Instead, figure out what is needed to succeed or help others succeed; this will bring about a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

  1. Be Approachable not Stand Off-ish:

Being the new travel nurse on assignment can be difficult, but it will be much easier if you are seen as approachable. Make sure your body language is approachable by having your arms in an open position (not crossed) and make eye contact with people. It’s also important to really listen to people when they are talking; remember a conversation is a two-way street.

  1. Be Healthy, not unhealthy:

We’ve all heard this a million times, but making healthy choices is truly life-altering. Taking simple steps to make better food choices, getting sleep and exercising three times a week can make all of the difference in how we feel about ourselves.

These 5 tips to being open-minded, a leader, an optimist, approachable and healthy are the cornerstones to making better choices in your travel nurse career and your life. If you implement these values into your life, you will see remarkable changes in how you feel both physically and mentally and you will enjoy your career as a travel nurse and your love of helping others to the fullest extent.

Are you ready to become a travel nurse? Give us a call at (866) 617-7692 to speak with one of our recruiters about travel opportunities with VeroRN.

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Travel Nurse Tips: How to Stay Motivated at Work


Travel Nurse Tips: How to Stay Motivated at Work

When is the last time you’ve had “one of those days”? When you just can’t seem to get motivated at work, you procrastinate on tasks you don’t want to start or lack the focus it takes to complete important tasks. A lack of enthusiasm can make a single workday feel like an eternity. This slump can lead to stress, guilt, a decrease in the ability to concentrate and difficulty sleeping. We’ve all been there. Every travel nurse has had days like these, but if your motivation is lacking for an extended period of time or beginning to affect your work performance, it’s time to take a step back and figure out how to stay motivated at work.

Start with an Easy Task:

Sometimes, a list of duties to be completed in a set amount of time can be overwhelming. We can become bogged down in the overall assignments. When this happens, start with an easy task. Look at everything that needs to get done and pick one, easy to complete the task that makes success inevitable. It’s much easier to stay motivated when we create habits that lead to productivity and a sense of accomplishment. Once you get started on a project, the entire list of tasks will seem much less daunting and your motivation will soar.

Avoid the Busy Nurse Burn-out:

Nothing zaps motivation like being in constant work mode. If you’re always the first to raise your hand to take on additional work or find yourself taking on responsibilities that are actually other people’s work, you run the risk of burn-out. It’s easy to become resentful of others who appear to be doing much less than you and receiving recognition; this can be deflating and cause a downward spiral in motivation. In order to restore your motivation, learn to prioritize and invest in work that is truly important. Also, learn to say “no” to others who may take advantage of your ability to accomplish many tasks. Take on responsibilities that interest you and will help further your career as a travel nurse.

Find Social Opportunities at Work:

As a travel nurse in a new location, it can be difficult to find your place in the social scene at work. People who feel emotionally connected to their co-workers are often found to be more productive and happier. Try showing up to work 15 minutes early or show up 5 minutes early to meetings to join in on informal small talk in order to build relationships with colleagues. Use your lunch break to meet new people and make connections also. Our days go by much quicker when there is someone to share a laugh with and you’re much more likely to thrive in your travel nurse career when you have a sense of social confidence and motivation to get the job done.

It’s impossible to be motivated every minute of every day, but having an extended amount of time feeling lackluster or lethargic about your work is a problem. Getting back on track by starting with an easy task, avoiding burn-out and finding social opportunities at work are great ways to staying motivated.

Looking to find your dream destination as a travel nurse?

If you’re looking for a travel nursing agency that is founded by veteran nurses, Vero RN is the company for you.  Vero RN can place you in hospitals and clinics that can help you realize your true potential. Search for jobs and register for new one's today. Dial 866-617-7682 to start your journey.

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A Travel Nurses Guide to Awe Inspiring Places


A Travel Nurses Guide to Awe-Inspiring Places

Life comes at us quickly. Days rush by. Information overload can be overwhelming. As a travel nurse, you have a unique opportunity to travel to awe-inspiring places. Awe is a response to things that are perceptually vast, that we don’t fully understand at the moment. Some believe awe is a pathway to showing us our deeper purpose in life. People who experience awe, feel more connected to their community and have a better social well-being. How do we capture awe-inspiring moments that rejuvenate the soul; that feeling that brings about goosebumps, a feeling of euphoria or even tears? It’s not far, in fact, awe inspiring places are all around us. Be sure to turn off everything digital so you’re not distracted by calls, texts, and emails and implement these ways to bring awe-inspiring moments into your life. Here is a travel nurses guide to an awe-inspiriting adventure!

  1. Step Out Into Nature:

Being one with nature promotes a sense of awe. Consider a travel nurse assignment in a location such as Guam. You can easily be inspired by the tropical beaches, latte stone pillars, waterfalls and incredible sunsets. Saipan is another extraordinary travel nurse assignment; take an awe walk on spectacular beaches or go hiking on the Forbidden Island. Learn to turn any travel nurse assignment into an awe walk by sharpening your senses.

  1. Listen to Classical Music:

When you listen, really listen, to the complexity of classical music and how incredibly a composer such as Mozart carries out a dialogue of notes, it is truly awe inspiring. Try listening to classical music on your commute to work or before or after your shift. After a long day as a travel nurse, kick your feet up and have a glass of wine while listening to Bach or Beethoven. For a great and inspirational video on how to truly listen to classical music, watch the Ted Talk, The transformative power of classical music.

  1. Travel the World:

As a travel nurse, you have exciting opportunities to see new places and experience new awe moments on countless travel nurse assignments. Jobs in some of the most beautiful places in the world are right at your fingertips. Visit places such as Guam, Alaska, California, Colorado and Florida to be awe-inspired by oceans, mountains and landscapes that will capture your sense of wonder.

Finding a moment of awe for a travel nurse can be a positive and powerful force on your physical and mental health. Awe is a natural stress reliever. Research shows that people who experience moments of awe are less impatient, more generous to strangers and more likely to help others in need. We are filled with feelings of connection to others. For travel nurses, finding awe in every day is an ideal way to rejuvenate and to transcend your understanding of the world.

 “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper” W.B. Yeats

Did you enjoy a travel nurses guide to awe-inspiring places and are you ready to become a travel nurse? Give us a call at (866) 617-7692 to speak with one of our recruiters about travel opportunities.

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How to Get Your Travel Nurse Dream Job


How to Get Your Travel Nurse Dream Job

 How long have you been thinking about getting that dream job as a travel nurse? Stop waiting and pack your bags for your new destination. It’s so easy to put off a dream job, we can come up with a hundred different reasons why we can’t do something, but here are 5 steps to show that you can. You can take control of your career and with concentrated effort, change your path and your life.

  1. Develop a Career Vision:

This vision should include a wish list of what your ideal career would be. Add to your list what location you would like to be in, what job would be most exciting or beneficial, what pay or even what housing would most suit you.

  1. Plot out the Pros and Cons:

Write down any pro or con that you can think of. Sometimes when these are written in front of us, we find that there may not be as many roadblocks as we thought and that solutions may be easier to identify. This is also a great exercise in really seeing just how significant the pros are to our life.

  1. List Your Goals:

If you want to be a travel nurse in a specific location or field, then go to numerous travel nurse sites such as Vero RN and see what their qualifications are and the assignment locations that are being offered. If you need experience in a particular area, then list a pathway to getting it accomplished. Talk to a recruiter. A good recruiter can walk you through the steps to getting the perfect job.

  1. Identify How to accomplish your Goals:

With each goal, list out some steps that you need to finish in order to accomplish your goal. If you need to get a certificate in your field, then list out what you will need to do, where you will need to go, how much time and money it will cost. If you want to learn more about travel nurses experiences, then set up a time to talk with a travel nurse. Some companies are founded by veteran travel nurses and are an excellent source of first-hand information.

  1. Get Started Today:

Start your process today and work on your goals each and every day. Take control of your career and your life by keeping your sights on what you want. Whether it’s a 6 month or 2-year process to achieve your dream, it doesn’t matter. You can save money, gain experience or work towards educational goals in order to get your dream job as a travel nurse.

Your travel nurse dream job is waiting for you. Envision yourself 3 years from today; you could be on an assignment in the mountains in Colorado, the beaches of California or Florida, watching the Northern Lights in Alaska or the bright city lights of New York. It may take an effort to get there, but it will be well worth it to have your travel nurse dream job!

Interested in traveling with us? Contact us today by calling (866) 617-7682 to learn more!

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Travel Nurses: Eight Goals for 2018


Travel Nurses: Eight Goals for 2018

Now that the new year is here, it’s time to take a step back and think about all we’ve accomplished over the past year and give ourselves an honest assessment of what went right and what can we do better this year.  Let’s be honest, but let’s not beat ourselves up.  Everyone has “stuff” in their life that they may wish would have gone better.  Better choices, better you.  Let’s celebrate what was awesome.  If you’re a travel nurse, then you’re already doing two extraordinary things with your life; you’re traveling to a new location to care for others and your job is to heal those in need.

  1. Get Fit:

I don’t know too many people (as in NO ONE) who don’t have this at the top of their list for EVERY New Year.  But…I do know some people who have been highly successful in getting fit with a few simple changes to their lives.  The biggest and easiest change that I have seen to lose weight is to join My Fitness Pal.  There are many APPS similar to this and the concept is very simple.  Log what you eat and try to meet your goal each day.

  1. Drink water:

Native Americans refer to water as “Mini Winchoni” or “Water is life”.  They believe water to be the first medicine.  No doubt, we know water is good for your kidneys and digestive system, but water is also essential to energize muscles and keeping your skin looking great.

  1. Get to know new people in your travel nursing locations:

When you reach your new travel site, don’t just dive into your work but get to know those around you.  Being social offers many benefits to our lives and we have much to learn from others.  Not only the best local restaurants and places to see, but how life differs in varying parts of the world.  Who knows, you may even find your new best friend or future travel destination, partner!

  1. Further your studies:

Whether you’re looking to work on an additional degree or certificate make this year the one where you pursue a higher level of education to further your career and benefit yourself and your patients.

  1. Stop your inner negative voice and replace it with a positive one:

We all have that inner voice that tells us something about ourselves isn’t good enough.  Let’s stop beating ourselves up this year! That negative voice doesn’t help us to achieve our goals and dreams.  Whenever you hear that little voice telling you something negative choose to overpower it with positivity.  Give yourself a mantra for the New Year “Train your mind to see the good in everything.  Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”-marcandangel

  1. Stop overextending yourself at work:

It’s always nice and sometimes crucial to help out by covering a shift when there are shortages at work, but don’t overextend yourself.  Learn to say no when necessary and don’t compromise your health physically or mentally.

  1. Take time to relax:

Travel nurses lead busy lives with long shifts and strenuous situations.  Be sure to allow yourself time to relax.  Read a book, take a long walk, catch up on your sleep or watch a favorite movie.  Allow yourself some me-time this year.

  1. Choose a dream destination for your next travel nurse assignment:

Make this the year to choose your dream destination as a travel nurse.  Whether you’ve dreamed of Alaska, California, Colorado or even Guam make this the year to make it happen.

Looking to find your dream destination as a travel nurse?  Visit Vero RN at www.verorn.com to find exciting new adventures for travel nurses.

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