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Why Travel?

Why Travel?

Why Travel

Do you dream of seeing new places? Do you
long to have flexibility? Do you love
adventure? Do you want to earn more
money, pay down debt, or save for a home?

Whether you're into having sand between
your toes or snow beneath your skis, Vero RN
can help make your travel nursing dreams a

Why are thousands of nurses flocking to the
travel nurse lifestyle?

Financial Opportunity

Travel Nurses can see a substantial increase in take-home pay, and since nurses are provided with furnished apartments on their assignments, costs are low. Most nurses earn a higher income (doing the same thing) traveling than they do at a traditional nursing position. Whether individuals wish to pay down debt or save extra cash for a home purchase, Travel Nursing often begins as a financially motivated decision, but we've found that most individuals continue to travel because they enjoy the other rewards, like…

Adventure & Travel

Many of our assignments are in stunning and beautiful vacation destinations, and our Travel Nurses have more than sufficient flexibility to explore locations that most people don't get the opportunity to visit until their later years. Travel Nurses get to experience a slice of freedom – now!

Marketability & Skill Building

Our nurses are placed in assignments that will help them gain new skills and credentials. Even after your time as a Travel Nurse has passed, you'll bring new skills and value to any forthcoming positions in the healthcare industry. Many of our nurses testify that the experience gained from Travel Nursing was far and away the greatest resume builder they could have ever asked for.


Our assigned nurses have guaranteed hours and contracts,
meaning they will have guaranteed weekly take home pay.

Free Time

Since our assignments only last for a short block of time, many nurses wish to take extended periods of time off between assignments. This provides plenty of time to see family, friends, or simply take another vacation!


Being a nurse is already one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs in the world. We are compensated to serve and support others during challenging times. Travel nurses get the opportunity to share their compassion and service with different types of people, and different challenges, around the entire country. Every new assignment is a different chapter in your life, and travel nursing provides one of the most satisfying and colorful life stories a nurse could possibly imagine.

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