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Travel Nurse Tips: How to Stay Motivated at Work

Travel Nurse Tips: How to Stay Motivated at Work

Travel Nurse Tips: How to Stay Motivated at Work

When is the last time you’ve had “one of those days”? When you just can’t seem to get motivated at work, you procrastinate on tasks you don’t want to start or lack the focus it takes to complete important tasks. A lack of enthusiasm can make a single workday feel like an eternity. This slump can lead to stress, guilt, a decrease in the ability to concentrate and difficulty sleeping. We’ve all been there. Every travel nurse has had days like these, but if your motivation is lacking for an extended period of time or beginning to affect your work performance, it’s time to take a step back and figure out how to stay motivated at work.

Start with an Easy Task:

Sometimes, a list of duties to be completed in a set amount of time can be overwhelming. We can become bogged down in the overall assignments. When this happens, start with an easy task. Look at everything that needs to get done and pick one, easy to complete the task that makes success inevitable. It’s much easier to stay motivated when we create habits that lead to productivity and a sense of accomplishment. Once you get started on a project, the entire list of tasks will seem much less daunting and your motivation will soar.

Avoid the Busy Nurse Burn-out:

Nothing zaps motivation like being in constant work mode. If you’re always the first to raise your hand to take on additional work or find yourself taking on responsibilities that are actually other people’s work, you run the risk of burn-out. It’s easy to become resentful of others who appear to be doing much less than you and receiving recognition; this can be deflating and cause a downward spiral in motivation. In order to restore your motivation, learn to prioritize and invest in work that is truly important. Also, learn to say “no” to others who may take advantage of your ability to accomplish many tasks. Take on responsibilities that interest you and will help further your career as a travel nurse.

Find Social Opportunities at Work:

As a travel nurse in a new location, it can be difficult to find your place in the social scene at work. People who feel emotionally connected to their co-workers are often found to be more productive and happier. Try showing up to work 15 minutes early or show up 5 minutes early to meetings to join in on informal small talk in order to build relationships with colleagues. Use your lunch break to meet new people and make connections also. Our days go by much quicker when there is someone to share a laugh with and you’re much more likely to thrive in your travel nurse career when you have a sense of social confidence and motivation to get the job done.

It’s impossible to be motivated every minute of every day, but having an extended amount of time feeling lackluster or lethargic about your work is a problem. Getting back on track by starting with an easy task, avoiding burn-out and finding social opportunities at work are great ways to staying motivated.

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