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Travel Nurse Career Tip: How to Give and Receive a Compliment

Travel Nurse Career Tip: How to Give and Receive a Compliment

Travel Nurse Career Tip: How to Give and Receive a Compliment

When is the last time you gave a sincere compliment to someone at work? When is the last time you were able to accept a compliment without discounting yourself in the process? Learning how to give and receive a compliment is vital to any travel nurse career. Travel nurses are typically on 13-week assignment and this leaves much less time for your co-workers and superiors to get to know you. Therefore, making a positive impression in a short amount of time is invaluable to your work evaluation and ultimately your career as a travel nurse.

How to Give a Compliment:

Compliments should always be genuine; they have the power to lift spirits, open doors to a new level of conversation, strengthen relationships and bring out the best in people. Some compliments are even inspirational and turning points in people’s lives. The art of complimenting someone is the ability to see beyond yourself and praise others with gratitude.

  1. Learn to be Observant: Compliments should be tailored to the recipient so they don’t sound dull or predictable.
  2. Use Spontaneity: Compliments should be organic in the moment and not premeditated. Being a travel nurse on a new assignment should offer many opportunities to compliment others on being helpful to you.
  3. Be Specific in your Compliment: When you compliment someone, be sure to use specific reasons such as “you did a great job helping that patient through a rough moment; it’s really great to observe how you handled a difficult situation”.
  4. Sincerity is key: A true compliment comes from the heart. When you try to flatter someone or over compliment them, it can have an adverse effect. Reserve your compliments for sincere moments.

How to Receive a Compliment:

Learning how to receive a compliment is just as crucial in your travel nurse career. If you earn the admiration or respect of a co-worker or supervisor, don’t avoid eye contact, discount your efforts or say nothing in return.

  1. Graciously Accept a Compliment: The correct way to accept a compliment is to make eye contact, smile and simply say “thank you”. There is no need to expand upon this.
  2. Don’t Argue or Dispute a Compliment: Do not insult the person complimenting you by rejecting their compliment; it’s like rejecting a gift. Take a moment to be proud and enjoy the praise.
  3. Don’t Make a Big Fuss: Don’t go around your travel nurse assignment boasting or bragging about your accomplishment or the praise you received. Being vain or a narcissist is not a good career move.
  4. Appreciate and Cherish a Compliment: In a travel nurse career, if you are able to join a new team and assignment and are complimented on doing a good job, then hold on to those moments to use as the cornerstones of confidence and self-belief. These positive affirmations will go a long way in building up your self-esteem for future travel assignments.

Whether you are giving or receiving compliments in your travel nurse career, learn to be positive, sincere, observant, appreciative and gracious. These steps will not only help you as a travel nurse but in life as well.


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