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A Travel Nurses Guide to Guam

A Travel Nurses Guide to Guam

A Travel Nurses Guide to Guam

Are you ready to venture out on a travel nurse dream destination to Guam? Get ready to pack your bags and visit this breathtaking assignment. We’ve got you covered for everything you need to know in our travel nurses guide to Guam!

Guam is a tropical island in the Western Pacific that is known for its beautiful beaches, architecture, history, and hiking. This is a destination like no other; come to Guam to experience island life and explore the clear water beaches.

Adventures to take in Guam: Guam is one of the greatest travel nurse adventures available! Here are 8 adventures you can only do in Guam.

  1. Boonie Stomping:

Locals refer to hiking as “boonie stomping” and there is an abundance of hiking to do in Guam. Guam Boonie Stompers lead Saturday morning hikes for $2 that go from anywhere to hidden waterfalls to swim holes to arid hills or thick jungles. Boonie stomping ranges from easy to difficult and promises excitement and natural beauty.

  1. Climb the Tallest Mountain on Earth:

Mount Lamlam (meaning lightning in Chamorro) is the highest peak in Guam. Mount Lamlam is only 1,332 feet high but has the greatest change in elevation on earth over the shortest distance. Hikers are able to reach the mountain trailhead and summit in about 30 minutes.

  1. Touch Shipwrecks from two different World Wars:

The German WWI ship The SMS Cormoran sits 110 feet below the water of Apra Harbor while a WWII Japanese cargo ship, the Tolai Maru leans close. This site marks the only place in the world where wrecks from two different countries and two different wars are nearly touching.

  1. Ride a Carabao:

Referred to as the water buffalo of Guam, these docile mammoths are symbolic of Guam. They weigh up to 2,000 pounds and are used for farming. Carabao can be ridden in Chamorro Village and Fort Senora Nuestra de la Soledad.

  1. Stand Atop the World’s Largest Latte:

The Latte of Freedom monument overlooks both Asan and Agana bays. This is a great place to look and learn about culture in the local area and across the island.

  1. Visit Breathtaking Beaches:

There are so many beautiful places for a travel nurse to venture to in Guam, but don’t forget to take some time to relax along the way on the many serene beaches. Tanguisson Beach is near Two Lover’s Point attraction and Sharks Cove Beach is an incredible place to snorkel. Ipan Beach is a southern beach that where kite surfers can often be seen and Asan Beach is lined with coconut trees, has a huge triangular park and contains a number of World War II memorials, relics, and informational signs.

Remember Guam is very hot and humid and produces warm tropical showers so be sure to dress in layers and pack a lightweight waterproof jacket and waterproof shoes. Don’t forget essentials such as sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses and sun hat, swimwear and toiletries. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to take your next travel nurse assignment in the beautiful and adventure-filled Guam!


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